“Southern harmony, love and family…
Is all that you need”

The seeds of the Moss Brother Band were sown in in rural south Alabama when singer, songwriter, guitarists Jeff and Troy Moss plugged their guitars into amps sitting on the front porch of their family home. That time, and the red dirt that cannot be completely washed from the creases of their skin directly influence the songs you hear today.

Royal OrleansOn their debut recording “Royal Orleans” the brothers teamed up with the veteran rhythm section of Kevin Dale on bass and David Smith on drums, both with numerous recording projects and tours under their belts. “Royal Orleans” is a stripped down organic record featuring tight vocal harmonies that can only be produced by “blood kin”. Laced with slide guitars, dobro, and mandolin it is both a tribute to the brothers past and a celebration of their emersion in New Orleans music and culture. The record received accolades both domestically and in Europe and helped the band land the cover of French magazine, Bands of Dixie.

For their follow-up effort “Monarch Jubilee” (to be released in the summer of 2014), MBRO-1CMYKfinalthe band has spiced things up a bit by adding lead vocalist Scott Nutter who in addition to his own solo work also recorded and toured with prog rock outfit Presto Ballet. The new record is much more aggressive and rockin’ featuring Scott’s gritty Scott Individualvocals, the brothers sweet, southern guitar harmonies and the greasy grooves from David and Kevin. Focused on their new home in the Pacific Northwest, but still with a southern accent, “Monarch Jubilee” is a powerhouse.

“Friends, Family, Love….”