“No mystery to the Moss Bros: the Tacomans are here for some Down South Jukin’. There were born in ‘Bama but cam here a quarter century ago, bringing their grits & greens sound with them. They’ve been leading exponents of the Tacoma Twang Trust but only now have they recorded, dang’em! This is Southern Rock as it was invented and intended, though skewed toward the acoustic to fit both the modern sensibility and an antiquey vibe. Lots of resonator guitar and general loud swagger means they need only a little electric guitar, still, this is on whuppin’ record, ranking right up there with the first couple of Skynyrd albums, Creedence and Dickie Betts unplugged. Yes, it’s THAT good. Each song covers a different facet of the southern blues sound, with some snaky voodoo here, some tub-thumpin’ there, some crunching rock here, some moanin’ blues there. The musicianship is expert and soulful throughout, as are the vocals. Aw, y’all jus’ go git it”

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